Located in Santa Cruz, California, 
Hive is Mike Bencze and Caitlin Stinneford creating things
to make the world more fun and beautiful.

Our Team

Caitlin: The Plan
Caitlin has spent the past 10+ years in the non-profit world, engaging people in their communities. She has now taken that work and her neurotic ways and decided to use them to plan events, large and small. Whether it be a fundraiser, a party, a pop-up shop or a grand opening, she thinks of all the tiny details and comes equipped with all the supplies you forgot at home.

Mike: The Design
Mike acquired a degree in Graphic Design in the year 2007. He worked as a production artist by day, but at night he cultivated an obsession with screenprinting and a furthered interest in illustration. Over the years, he's managed to commandeer any spare living space and turn it into an art cave where all of his skills and ideas can swim in the primordial pool.
You can find his personal work at

Squirtle: The Elegant Beauty
Squirtle spent the first 5 years of her life in a shelter and the past 5+ years being spoiled by Mike and Caitlin. She is demanding in her ways, needs all the pets, and sleeps in a tower high above the living room carpet. She supervises all of the work done at Hive, ensuring that everything is up to the quality fit for the queen that she is.

Sputnik: The Charisma
Sputnik spends the majority of his time figuring out how he can gain attention. He is innovative in his thinking - always discovering new, loud sounds he can make by knocking things over or running into them. He also acts as quality control, careful observing all design work from the comfort of Mike's lap.






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